Can I afford to go to court without a lawyer?

With over 66,000 private family law cases having been issued at the family court between April and June 2016, Government statistics have revealed an alarming increase in the number of people attending court without legal representation.

Can I afford to go to court without a lawyer?

During this period, in more than a third of applications (33.4%) or in excess of 22,000 private law cases, at least one party to the case attending was not legally represented, this compares to just 17% in the same period for the year 2013.

Many reasons can be citied for the significant increase in the number of litigants in person attending court, but undoubtedly, the increase also coincides with the withdrawal of legal aid funding for many cases in April 2013.

For many, this forces estranged spouses and ex-partners to have to attend and represent themselves, often in highly stressful and emotional cases and deal with then complex legal proceedings without little to no support on offer.

Whilst the court is certainly better equipped and able to deal with the many issues that arise by persons attending court and representing themselves, attending court can now be even more daunting especially if you are expected to confront your ex-partner on issues that may have resulted in separation.

So can you afford to go to court without a lawyer?

At Prism Family Law, we understand that not everyone can afford the full service of a solicitor, and so we offer a number of different options to choose from to help all budgets and needs. Having to issue proceedings is one thing, but having to deal with it on your own is an entirely different challenge altogether. At Prism Family Law, we can help guide you through the processes and legal proceedings so you do not have to be alone.

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At Prism Family Law, we offer free 30 minute initial appointments so that we can discuss your requirements and case such so as to allow us to advise you on all the available options – including how best to fund your case and of the options that might be available including in certain cases whether legal aid funding would be available.

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