hand reaching out of darkness, COVID-19 domestic abuse and violence

As more and more people are socially isolated by being in lockdown at home, for people who have experienced domestic abuse and or violence, social distancing and on-going Government guidance for everyone to work from and stay at home wherever possible, means that unfortunately for some, they are in turn being trapped to live with an abuser.

Domestic abuse and or violence is already in itself a deadly epidemic; one in three women around the world are reportedly the victims of psychical or sexual violence, mostly from an intimate partner, according to the World Health Organization, and so the present coronavirus epidemic and guidance for all to remain at home, is likely to cause an increase in concern for victims.

Early reports from China suggest that the coronavirus has already caused a significant spoke in domestic violence; local police stations say they have seen a threefold increase in cases reported in February 2020 alone compared with the previous year.

With all the attention now focused squarely on fighting the spread of coronavirus, the problem of domestic abuse and or violence at home is being potentially overlooked; one safeguarding factor had been Operation Encompass, in operation at many schools, but now that schools are all closed to everyone save the children of key workers, the opportunity for teachers and other professionals to pick up on safeguarding concerns from home in the form of domestic violence is likely now to be missed.

Whilst the prevailing advice remains that people should remain at home, that doesn’t mean that victims of domestic abuse and or violence have now no options in relation to protecting themselves and or then children then in their care from the effects of witnessing such clear harm.

As before, whilst the Family Court may be now hearing cases remotely, that doesn’t mean that the Court isn’t open for business, far from it, and access to justice remains open to all that require it.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse and or violence and feel trapped given the current guidance to remain living at home, then at Prism Family Law, we can help.

In cases of emergency, we can help individuals apply for protective orders to not only ensure that they are personally protected from harm, but also any in their care.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is recommended that specific professional advice is sought before acting on any of the information given.