We understand the importance of getting early legal advice.

You should not allow any fears you may have about the potential costs deter you from obtaining professional advice.

At Prism Family Law, we deliberately offer all of our potential clients an initial free 30 minute appointment. We find that this is indeed ample time in most cases to find out more about your case and provide you with immediate advice and help and to consider all of your available options, including the likely cost.

At such an appointment, we will discuss all available funding options including the availability of legal aid in appropriate cases.

We offer flexible payment schemes including fixed fee packages and pay as you go arrangements and promise to provide you with frequent updates of your costs. Upon application, we are happy to assist you by helping you to apply for funding to meet your legal costs in appropriate cases.

Prism Family Law will send you a bill every month, to prevent you from being taken by surprise and to prevent costs from mounting up. This will ensure that you are, at all times, aware of your costs as your case proceeds.

We are more than happy to discuss the issue of legal fees in advance and provide realistic estimates of what the costs are likely to be in your case. We can guarantee that you will not be taken by surprise by a large bill at the end of your case.

In cases whereby you agree to engage our services on an hourly rate basis, we assure you that our hourly rates are competitive. There are no hidden extras.

We will discuss with you the level of service that suits your circumstances and needs. A fixed fee service is available for many cases and offers certainty and security about the costs. Other cases require a bespoke service that is charged at an hourly rate, but you can be assured that we will only do what work is deemed necessary to support your case, conducting it in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Before we start any work, you will know from the outset what your case is likely to cost. We will then discuss with you the arrangements for you to meet those costs so that you have total peace of mind moving forward.

At any time you may visit our offices and read through your client file, to satisfy your own cross-checks, so that if you have any doubt about the appropriateness or otherwise of your legal costs you can see for yourself what work has been conducted on your behalf.