Separated and worried about your ex-partner attempting to hide wealth or spend assets to defeat a financial claim against the same?

Urgent emergency applications to the Family Court are not an everyday occurrence but the procedures and rules are in place to allow for a person to make an urgent application to the court to prevent a partner from selling or giving away assets to others in order to either hide them or otherwise put such assets out of reach to try and attempt to defeat any claims you may have against the same.

If you are worried that your partner has sold or given assets to someone else in order to hide them from you or if you believe that your partner plans to leave the jurisdiction to live abroad and is taking steps to then transfer assets to another jurisdiction, you will need to seek urgent legal advice in order to try and stop such steps from being taken.

How Prism Family Law can help

At Prism Family Law we have the expertise to take urgent steps on your behalf to prevent the dissipation of wealth. This includes, in appropriate circumstances, making an emergency application to court for a freezing order to prevent assets being disposed of, or an order to recover assets that have already been disposed of by the setting aside of disposals.

At Prism Family Law, we offer free initial appointments to clients so that they are able to obtain legal advice and help without fear of cost.

Should your ex-partner be attempting to defeat any financial claim you may have please contact us by telephone 0191 269 6871 or email [email protected] without delay.