It can be difficult to seek support when you are experiencing domestic abuse.

At Prism Family Law we can assist individuals to gain help and protection if they are facing the threat of violence, intimidation or harassment. Be this from a partner, other family member, neighbour or, ultimately, any person. We are here to help safeguard you, no matter your circumstances.

We offer emergency appointments so that we can assess if there is enough justification to make an application to the court for a protective order detailing that a person be restrained from either causing harassment, alarm and distress or from either inflicting violence or instructing others to do so on their behalf. Such an emergency order can be obtained without notice to the person inflicting the harassment, making threats and/or causing abuse and/or violence. Such orders can even be worded so as to prevent the perpetrator from returning to the home or being within a certain distance of you/your home if you are in fear that they will be violent to you or that they may threaten or intimidate you further.

In all instances, reference should always be made to the police first and in cases of immediate emergency you should telephone 999 and make a complaint. Domestic abuse can be considered as a criminal offence.