Financial Remedies on Divorce – Law Commission to examine 50-year-old law

Going through a divorce or ending a civil partnership is often a stressful and hugely consequential period for any couple – for both their personal and family lives, as well as their finances. Every year, tens of thousands of couples begin proceedings for separation which result in the use of financial remedy orders – orders

Don’t forget the pension! – Thousands risk pension poverty after Divorce

New research from Aviva suggests that 15% of divorced people did not realise that their pensions after divorce could be impacted by getting divorced. More than a third (34%) made no claim on their former partner’s pension so that it was not included as an asset in the settlement when they did divorce. Almost one

Cost of Living Crisis and Maintenance Payments – Can a change be sought after?

With it being widely now reported that the average energy bill for households will rise by an average of £693 a year following a 54% increase on the current price cap in force and interest rate rises impacting on future mortgage payments, many people will be looking at how best they can maximise their income

New Statement of Information for a Consent Order form issued- D81

A new D81 form (Statement of information for a Consent Order in relation to a Financial Remedy) has now been issued by HM Court and Tribunal Service that is required to be used with immediate effect. If you have used the earlier version of that Form (version April 2012) the Financial Remedies Court will continue