Should we be separated but not divorced?

At Prism Family Law we often meet with wives or husbands who say that they are thinking about living separate and apart from their spouse, but there are many reasons why, if a marriage has truly broken down, it is a bad idea to just simply separate.

Better protection for victims of violence anywhere in the EU – at least for now

As from 11 January 2015, victims of violence – notably those who have suffered domestic violence or stalking – are able to guarantee themselves better protection in any European Union (EU) Member State. What the regulations and directives provide for is that restraining, protection and barring orders issued in one Member State are now quickly

Cohabiting Parental Responsibility – what are you entitled to for your child?

Cohabiting Parental Responsibility means both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children. The father is equally responsible even if he is neither living with the mother nor named on the child’s birth certificate. He can be contacted by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) for maintenance if he is not living with the mother. Similarly,

Is family court at crisis point?

Is family court at crisis point? With recent news that the Court of Appeal is to stop hearing all appeals and challenges to decisions made in local family courts is this yet another sign that the family court is now at crisis point?

Do you offer pay as you go legal advice and help? Part Two

Does Prism Family Law offer pay as you go legal advice and help? At Prism Family Law we understand entirely that not everyone can afford to instruct a solicitor on a privately fee paying basis – the traditional method of employing a solicitor or lawyer to help in your case.